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Hotel Music

Hotel music

The unique atmosphere of our hotel, whose history began in 1927, has been co-created by our colleague, Tomáš:

“We choose music for you carefully and sensibly so that you feel comfortable at our hotel and so that you can soak up the atmosphere of the 1930s, which is a period that inspires and delights us.

Besides jazz, blues and swing tunes typical for the beginning of the previous century our music selection also includes songs of many famous classics, French chanson, American soul singing, whose roots are in the inter-war period, and, last but not least, original big bands or string quartets.

And all of that is updated so that every day is unique for you. The music differs in summer and winter and we also take into account different holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter, as well as anniversaries connected with Czech composers and music-related events.”

The music plays from both speakers and you can enjoy it from our auto-playing pianos. one of them can be found directly in the hotel lobby, the other in the Boccaccio hall.

Happy listening!



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