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Mozart Dinner

Opera at your hand with excellent artists

Two opera singers from Czech Opera Houses, instrumentalists from the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and excellent Salzburg Chamber Soloists form a musical ensemble Amadeus Prague. They are dressed in historical costumes during the performance and present the most famous arias and duets from the operas “Don Giovanni” (world premiere in Prague 1787), “The Marriage of Figaro” and “The Magic Flute“. Enjoy opera at your hand in the heart of Prague!


Historically Protected Ballroom

Stunningly beautiful historical hall is made of artificial marble, gold and crystals. Not far away from the Old Town Square lays a mythical place were dinner shows and luxury parties took place regularly until the beginning of the communism era.


Dinner Inspired by Czech and Austrian Cuisine

The dinner consists of three courses and is inspired by Czech and Austrian cuisine. It includes pea soup with buttered croutons, popular Beef Bourguignon with baked potatoes and green beans and famous home-made apple strudel with vanilla sauce. Bon appetite!

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