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Thai Massage
dry massage, which uses pressing and stretching like yoga for relaxing the whole body on a deeper level.

Thai Oil Massage
the therapists focus on parts of the body and helps to relieve the "knots". It's the best solution for muscle relaxation and increases flexibility in your muscles

Foot Massage
based on reflexology and applying pressure on key points in your feet is an easy method to relax your body and mind.

Head & Face Massage
facial massage increases circulation to your facial tissue, resulting in brighter, youthful looking and firm skin, which is good for those who suffer from sinus and headache.

Back & Neck Massage
is ocusing on back and neck, which is good to relieve back pain, strain and stiff neck

Sports Massage
one of the strongest massages, helps to recover from workouts and injuries.

Swedish Massage
softer massage, utilizes gliding and smooth skin strokes to relax your whole body.

Aroma Thai Oil Massage
same techniques with Thai oil massage but uses special kinds of aromatic oils like rose, jasmine, lavender and virgin coconut oil.

Herbal Massage
is a Thai ball with herbs inside which are activated by warming up the steamer pot, which is good treatment for swelling and blockage muscles.

Hot Stone Massage
great warming treatment by using boiled special smooth stones from volcano. Gives you a good warm feeling and relieves muscle pain and stress.






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