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Welcome to the Boccaccio Revue
„Beauty without veils“



Erotic fantasies come to live at the Boccaccio Revue! An exclusive night presented by Prague Burlesque. Champagne, special cocktails, delicious food, ageless music and burlesque in the breath-taking interior of the Boccaccio Ballroom – a Neo-Baroque jewel in the centre of Prague. A whole new experience!


Recognized producers Sonny Vargas and Miss Cool Cat will create an atmosphere of smoky cabarets, introducing performers from all around Europe. A classy night for all the connoisseurs of vaudeville entertainment!


For the second Boccaccio Revue presenting exclusive performances by:

Colette Collerette (BL)
Flying Willy (BL)
Miss Cool Cat (SK)
Sonny Vargas (CH/CZ)
Michaela Love (CZ) and Tomáš Jochman (SK) - živá hudba
Ritzy Pitzy (CZ) + ChaChalena (CZ) - side shows



SHOWTIME: 21:00 (three show parts, during the two breaks you can enjoy live music)

DRESS-CODE: sexy, elegant, timeless 

Looking forward to meet you all!









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