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"Grand Hotel Bohemia" breakfast

Bohemia Sekt Brut
Assorted bread: white buns and rolls, dark rolls, wholegrain bread rolls
Freshly baked croissants, BIO bread and bread rolls
Danish pastries with vanilla, chocolate and fruit filling
Butter, preserves, honey as well in BIO quality
Selection of corn flakes and muesli, BIO muesli served with yoghurt, milk, dried fruit, BIO dried fruit according to your choice


Our Chef’s choice: assorted smoked products and cheese platter, marinated salmon, freshly cut vegetables, marinated olives, BIO dairy products


Hot breakfast buffet with fried English bacon, breakfast sausages, baked tomatoes, potato rösti, egg products, baked beans and porridge


Fresh fruit and fruit salad
Coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate
Fruit juice selection and BIO cider

"Grand Hotel Bohemia" breakfast – a la carte

Eggs Benedict
French toast
Traditional Ham and Eggs from two eggs
Boiled eggs as per your request
Omelette with ham and cheese
Omelette with mushrooms and spring onions
Egg white Omelette with fresh spinach and tomatoes